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Remember When You Had Time to Read?

From:  Jill Brennan
Monday, 11.25 am

Dear Friend,

These days, life is so hectic – who has time to read anymore? Work, the kids, friends and family, meals, your home – when do you have time to spend on you?

Well, what fast food did for your compressed mealtime, espresso FICTION™ is about to do for your busy day – And it's actually good for you! Think of it as...

"Fast Food for Your Mind!"


emember the good old days in school, when you had time to indulge yourself? Maybe your passion was sports, maybe movies, but always – always! – there was the reading you loved to do. You read voraciously, and at times, you'd read anything you could get your hands on.

So what the heck happened?

Well, in a nutshell, life happened. And as the world sped up, you read less and less. Who has time anymore to pick up a book?

I mean think about it:

  • Have you read anything (strictly for the pleasure of reading) in the last 2 months?

  • Does it seem like the only time you have to read is when you're on vacation?

  • Did you finish the last book you started? Do you remember what that book was?

  • And do you miss reading?

For most people, it's hard to find the time to put aside. But there's good news on the doorstep.

Reading Was On The Decline – Until Now!

Video games, computers, long hours at work, short hours at home. They all contribute to the general decline in reading we all know is happening. Heck, watch your kids – or maybe even yourself – using an online messenger service and you'll KNOW how badly the art of communication is being beaten by technology.

And if you've ever typed “L8R” into your PC, it's time to get back to a real language.

It's Time For espresso FICTION

espresso FICTION™ is a subscription service that brings you some of the best new short fiction writers in a format that fits your busy life. We bring you a new story every week that will make you laugh, challenge you, and intrigue you.

But most importantly, the stories will entertain you. 

Click here to subscribe now.

Mystery, comedy, action, romance: in no time flat!

espresso FICTION™ specializes in short stories that take you away from the everyday world – without interfering in your busy life. You get each week's story home delivered the instant it becomes available.  That's right each week, we send you a great new story by email that will entertain you, but which takes only 15 minutes to read and enjoy. 

No ads. No annoying pop-ups. Nothing but great stories.

We call it FastFiction. It's fast food for your mind and soul, and for the fiction lover, it's the antidote to today's fast-paced world.

Why did I start espresso FICTION™?

I had been writing fiction for 5 years before I began espresso FICTION™.  As a mother of two boisterous young boys, I found that I had less and less time to read novels and I really missed it.  After talking to friends about this loss of fiction in my life, I realised that I wasn't alone.  We were all in the same situation; exhausted and frustrated from trying to fit into our extremely busy lives all those things we used to do. 

Then one Saturday morning it hit me.  Short stories, those that were well written and engaging, were a great antidote for anyone who didn't have time to sit around and read a novel.  Because I'd been writing for so many years I knew there were lots of great writers out there who just wanted to have their work read but with fewer and fewer publications taking on short stories, the market was dwindling. 

Seemed to me like the perfect match:  time poor fiction lovers wanting a great quick read and short story writers who wanted to share their work. 

Eleven weeks later espresso FICTION™ went live!

Are we fulfilling our aim?  We let our members be the judge of that!  Click here to read what our members have been saying.

Remember when you thought great writing was an art form?
See how good good writing can make you feel again! Rediscover the joy that a well-crafted story, well-chosen words, and well-developed turn of phrase can excite in you again. Real literature by real writers, in a format that fits your real life !

Remember that satisfying feeling you used to get from finishing a book? Remember how good it made you feel to move through a plot and see the conclusion? Now you can have that satisfaction every week, delivered automatically to your email box.

A Great Way to Start Your Day!

What do you do on the long ride to work? Stare out the window? Adopt the commuter zombie posture? Maybe even doze off? What if you could start your morning fresh, using the commute to clear your mind? How much more productive would your day be?

Or maybe you work at home. Could a good mind-clearing help you get your day off to a stronger start?

Nothing opens up the mind like a good short story: It clears yesterday's concerns out, gets the creative and problem solving juices flowing, and gives your brain the jump-start it needs to hit the ground running when you start your work day.

It's time to get that edge that a fresh, sharp mind gives you.

It's time to start your day with the affordable brain-enhancer that's actually good for you.

It's time for Fast Fiction.

Click here to subscribe now.

Our Benefits Give You Even More Ways To Enjoy!

espresso FICTION™ brings you hand-picked, new short fiction every week for a low monthly subscription fee. But it gives you more than just that: An espresso FICTION™ subscription makes you part of a community of fiction lovers, people just like you who enjoy a good story, but who have a hard time working it into their busy schedules.

A few dollars a Week Gives You Back Your “You”-Time

What will you get from an espresso FICTION™ membership?

  • Revitalise your reading habits with a different writer and story every week. If you've been feeling bored or stale trying to read the same novel for what seems like forever then you'll love the variety we give you.

  • Enjoy the stimulation and escape that only fiction can bring. Get the right side of your brain buzzing again by thinking about issues beyond your day-to-day routine.

  • Let us do the hard work of finding the best up-and-coming short fiction writers.  Why waste your limited time hunting down good fiction when you can spend it reading instead?

  • You no longer have to spend 12 hours slugging it out with a novel to get pleasure from fiction.

  • Because we send out each week's story by email you get it the instant it becomes available.

  • Our stories are completely portable.  No more lugging a book or newspaper or magazine around with you.  You can print out an espresso FICTION™ story and carry it with you so that you always have something decent to read.

  • We give you the full picture:  a story and the nitty-gritty about who wrote it and why.

  • Have a say and be heard through our weekly discussion board.

  • Be part of a community of like-minded fiction fans.

  • Stop feeling guilty about abondoning all those half finished novels.  espresso FICTION™ stories will engage you every week.

  • Put some richness back into your life through fiction.  You know you miss it.
Just imagine...

Its 7.30 am on a Tuesday morning. You check your email and wham! Another short story from your friends at espresso FICTION™. You pulse picks up the beat. You become excited. You're eager to discover what we've got in store for you this time. But, you need to get off to work or school or playgroup. You don't have time right now. You head to the office, work diligently all day and keep your boss happy. Or you are so busy with running here and there, that you don't get a chance to get back to your computer. However, you can't get your mind off your email box. You're curious. You want to get back, sit in solitude and read the story we've sent to you.

Because we know that your needs are different we have two levels of membership:  Single Shot and Double Shot

Single Shot Membership
Our Single Shot membership is just that: a straight shot of fiction that you can read by email and online through the member's area.  This is a no frills membership option available for just $17.95 $7 per month, that’s over 60% off.

Double Shot Membership
Really loved a story? Really hated it? Just want more? Our Double Shot Membership gives you access to a community of like-minded fiction readers. Interact with other fiction fans, and participate in our:

  • Lively discussion boards: Come talk about the story, say what you think, and hear other people's opinions. And feel good about it, because you're talking to other fiction fans.  You can chat to our authors too.  They watch the boards as closely as our members do.

  • Author Interviews: Learn more about the people behind the stories. Find out what motivated them to write the story. Ask questions. And get answers.

  • Story Ratings: Every week, we open the polls to hear what you think about the story you read that week. We want to know what you like and what you don't like. And you can see how other people feel about it.

Our Double Shot membership gives you full access to our interactive members area.  Get all the benefits of an espresso FICTION™ membership for only $24.95 $9 per month.

Not sure which membership is best for you?  You can upgrade or change your membership at any time.  Just email us at service@espressofiction.com

Don’t miss this opportunity to get all the benefits of an espresso FICTIONDouble Shot membership for just $9 per month. Or pay $299.40 $99 for the year and you get a Double Shot membership for only $8.25 per month.

And here's our GUARANTEE:

You have 90 days to decide whether an espresso FICTION™ subscription is for you.  That's right - 90 days.  Subscribe to espresso FICTION™ and if you're not completely hooked on our great fiction writers, we'll refund your membership in full! 

If you do decide to continue your membership with us and we're confident that you will, please be assured that you can stop your membership at any time.  Its completely up to you how long you remain a member with us.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Click here to subscribe now.

If you act immediately and sign up for either a Single Shot or Double Shot Membership, you can enjoy these fantastic bonus offers:


"Free 1 month subscription for a friend"
(Value $24.95)

We know you'll like your membership so much that you'll want to tell your friends about it.  And its a great way to keep in touch.  Let's face it fiction isn't the only thing that slides when life gets busy.  Let espresso FICTION™ by the common link that keeps your relationship alive and vibrant. 

How do we do this? As a bonus to you for subscribing, we will give you the option of choosing one friend to give a free 1 month Double Shot gift subscription to.  You simply complete the online form that appears on the screen once your order has been processed and we then write to your friend to introduce ourselves, explain that you have given them the free membership and tell them how it all works.

Then the two of you can chat about each week's story.  You can launch your own short story club at the park or the office.  You can debate who is your favourite 'short' author.  Why not meet for a coffee and a story review?


Exclusive espresso FICTION™ e-book
'The trouble with men...' (Value $19.90)

What is the trouble with men?  Heaps if this collection of exclusive espresso FICTION™ stories is anything to go by.  Nudity, divorce, adultery, cruelty, health problems are just a few of the issues that our five authors deal with through these five different stories.  And because we know you'll want to find out more about who wrote these great stories, we've also included in-depth interviews with each author.

Let this great collection of short stories get you back into the reading habit.  Read the stories on the screen or print them out. You could put one in your handbag or backpack or in your car so that you have something to read when you're out.   Y ou could place another in a strategic position around the house - beside your bed or the toilet or on your coffee table or by the door so you can pick it up before going to sit outside. Place each story somewhere easy to access for that spare 15 minutes when you need a break.


Within minutes of completing your membership application, you will receive an email that will give you INSTANT ACCESS to:

1. This week's current story!  Get the latest story hot off the press. 
If you choose a Double Shot membership you can get immediate acess to all the other exclusive benefits through the online members area.
2. Get a BRAND-NEW story every Tuesday!
Like I mentioned earlier, each week, we'll email you a great new short story we've added to the Members' area, ready for you to read and enjoy!
SUPER BONUS #1  "Free 1 month subscription for a friend"
When you claim your Single Shot or Double Shot membership, you'll then pick a friend or relative to receive a one month free Double Shot membership to espresso FICTION™. We will write to your friend to introduce ourselves, explain that you have given them the free membership and tell them how it all works.

SUPER BONUS #2 "Exclusive espresso FICTION™ e-book 'The trouble with men...' "
When you claim your Single Shot or Double Shot membership, I'll send you an exclusive collection of short stories 'The Trouble with Men...'  These entertaining, challenging and often funny stories are a great way to get you back into the groove of reading.

... And if, after 90 days, you aren't thrilled with your membership, just e-mail us for a complete refund of all monies you've paid.

I'm serious. I want you to be thrilled with the fiction you'll read.

Two ways to place your risk-free order and get top-quality fiction delivered to your email every week

  1. Click here to subscribe right now with our Secure Server. Remember: If you're not thrilled with either your Single Shot or Double Shot membership just email us within the next 90 days and pay nothing, and keep the $44.90 Bonus Package -- that's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!
  2. Click here to print out an order form to fax your order.

And remember, if you're not completely satisfied after 90 days, we'll give you your subscription back with no questions, and no hassles.   And you get to keep all the bonuses.  How good is that?

If you have any questions, email me at editor@espressofiction.com

You can be enjoying espresso FICTION™ today.

Yours sincerely,

Jill Brennan - Managing Director
espresso FICTION

PS  If you're thinking about coming back to this in a few days time think again.  How many times have you planned to do that and never made it back?

PPS  If you feel life is slipping away from you under a barrage of chores, do something about it today.  Take some time out for YOU with an espresso FICTION™ membership. 




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